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Dear Future CFO

Dear Future CFO

Money is a tool. There are those who know how to use it and those who don't. Who do you want to be?

Most of us were not taught how to manage our finances properly. Believe it or not, most of our savings and spending habits were developed as children watching our parents well before our first job. While it may appear on the surface that other people have it all figured out, the truth is 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck (including six-figure earners). The vast majority of people are either struggling to make ends meet or frustrated they aren't where they want to be financially.

Personal finance is much more about human behavior than math. There’s a big difference between knowing you should save and actually making it a regular habit. In order to change habits, you need more than just good information. Much like health and fitness goals, reading about working out and eating healthy foods is only a first step. 

We wanted to create something better and go much further. Not just giving you generic DIY information, but building a supportive community of professionals who are committed to setting goals, developing proper habits, being held accountable and helping others achieve their goals.

A brave space to ask questions and discuss your financial challenges without judgment. That’s how you reject the paycheck-to-paycheck status quo, take responsibility for your financial well-being and Become Your Own Chief Freedom Officer. I’m fully committed to helping you on that journey.
Reject the Status Quo and Live Financially Free!


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Who Is This For?

We are a group of professionals looking to conquer our finances and live our lives on our own terms, not the bank’s or employer’s terms.
Professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit

Professionals ready to make some changes financially

Professionals tired of not making progress financially

What Will This Group Do For Me & My Life?

You Don't Have To Do It All By Yourself Anymore

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Coach & Group Support

The last time many of us were coached was when we played organized sports. Coaches have a way of seeing and drawing out the greatness that is always inside of us. In addition to your team’s Head Coach, you will also be coached by your buddy & your team. Coaches lift you up and never let you down even when you feel down on yourself.


Like-Minded Friends

There is a difference between your social friends & your successful friends. Social friends take you out to a party. Successful friends takes you out of your comfort zone. We need both, but we specialize in providing you with structure, accountability, and a team of successful friends who will inspire and challenge you to create the life you desire.


Collective Accountability

We are more comfortable disappointing ourselves than we are other people. Rather than viewing that as negative, why not simply get other people involved in our goals? We’ve been taught to rely on self-discipline and pick ourselves up by our own bootstraps, but there is an easier way. It’s called positive peer pressure and it works.

Become Your Own CFO

What Topics Will We Discuss?

Money Mindset – Free Your Mind to Free Your Money
Personal finance is about 80% behavior and 20% knowledge. Much like health and fitness, we know eating healthy and exercising is good for us but we don’t do it consistently. The first aspect of changing that dynamic is evaluating your mindset and beliefs. Your financial mindset and your beliefs affect everything you do with your finances. In this session we’ll discuss the differences between a scarcity mindset and a wealth mindset and how to move from one to the other.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Part of becoming a Chief Freedom Officer means being comfortable managing your personal finances like a business. One has to know how much is coming in and exactly where it’s going. The word budgeting gets a bad rep, but as the saying goes,
“If you don’t tell your money exactly where to go, later on you’ll wonder where it went!”

This session is about becoming a boss when it comes to your cash flow and putting your money where your values are.

Credit Where Credit is Due

Credit plays a big role in our financial lives and if you ever had student loans, you were extended credit even before you had a job to pay it back. Credit can be a very powerful financial tool, but like any tool, it can also be misused and cause great harm. This session breaks down the basics of credit including credit scores, credit reports, and credit cards.

Breaking the Chains – Destroying Debt
Debt in its most basic form is simply utilized credit. In today’s environment, debt has become so commonplace that being debt-free is considered a rare accomplishment. Is there such a thing as good debt? In this session, we’ll discuss different types of debt, how it affects your ability to build wealth, and how to destroy it.

Give Yourself A Raise – Maximizing Your Benefits
Most individuals focus solely on their paychecks, which is a big mistake. Paychecks only account for about 70% of total compensation. Ignoring the remaining 30% could mean leaving money on the table.

Whether you are an employee or self-employed, understanding benefits is crucial to your financial success. This session breaks down the most common benefits to make sure you’re maximizing every penny you work so hard to earn.

Becoming Your Own CFO (Chief Freedom Officer)
The US started as an agricultural-based economy and transitioned to an industrial workforce in the 19th century. It is changing again from an industrial workforce to a service/technological workforce in the 21st century. What does that mean for you and your money? How do I prepare for my job or career shifting overseas or being replaced by a computer? In this session, we’ll talk about how to make ensure you don’t get left behind in this changing economy by Becoming Your Own CFO.

More About Wilson


I am a husband to my beautiful wife, Andrea, and the father of our two young boys. I actually became passionate about personal finance because of my father. He had me reading personal finance books and writing book reports for my allowance as a kid. I didn’t understand why at the time, but I’m so very grateful today. As it turned out, I actually enjoyed it so much that I read dozens of books regardless of whether I was getting an allowance.

Even with a Finance undergraduate degree and an MBA, nearly EVERYTHING I’ve learned about managing money has been outside of the classroom. It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized that most people didn’t view money the same way I did. Most people never talked about money in their family or learned how to manage it. That’s what ignited my passion for helping people with their personal finances.

Working in the financial services industry for the past 15+ years and as a Certified Financial Education Instructor, it’s clear how much our financial burdens impact our daily lives. Debt can loom heavily over us like a dark cloud obscuring our bright futures. I am committed to helping you remove that dark cloud. Money is a taboo topic but we can’t solve problems we can’t talk about. I believe that the purpose of accumulating wealth is to gain greater control over our time and talent and to help others do the same. I hope we can do that together.

Pricing & Payment Options

You Are Smart To Invest In Yourself
Investing In Yourself and Your Future Yields the Highest Returns

100% Committed

Billed One Time
$ 697 Save 20%
  • 8 Virtual Mastermind & Goal Setting Meetings
  • 8 Weeks Of Direct Online Coaching From Me
  • 24/7 Access To An Online Community Of Members
  • Immediate Access to the Become Your Own CFO Online Course

One Month At A Time

Monthly Commitment
$ 279 Billed Monthly for 3 Months
  • 8 Virtual Mastermind & Goal Setting Meetings
  • 8 Weeks Of Direct Online Coaching From Me
  • 24/7 Access To An Online Community Of Members
  • Immediate Access to the Become Your Own CFO Online Course

Frequently asked questions

The weekly commitment for the mastermind is only about 3 hours per week. We are simply here to hold you accountable and provide coaching to make sure you can achieve your goals quickly.
Here is how the 3-hours per week commitment looks: 
– 2 hours for each weekly team huddle, a private training at the where you will be celebrated, have a live training, and an activity checklist. 

– There will be weekly exercises which will typically take less than an hour.

– We may advise to reach out to other mastermind members who have overcome the challenge you’re currently facing to accelerate your success

All meetings will be recorded for you to review. However, you will not get the full experience if you consistently miss meetings. In an accountability group, it is important that we show up for each other—not just to receive, but to give.

You can pay monthly, but your commitment is for the full 8 weeks. 

Personal finance is personal, but it’s not an individual sport, it’s a team sport. We grow by learning from each other and that can’t happen when we’re in and out. We highly encourage you to commit to the entire 8 weeks to maximize your results and the results of others.

There are 3 ways to still get individual support:

1. There will be weekly live Q&A sessions where I’m available to answer individual questions

2. You can reach out to fellow group members for direct support. Through the group, you will meet people who are at similar stages of development as you or beyond, and because we are all committed to each other’s success, you can ask for support. 
3. Reach out to the BYOCFO community through the private Facebook group.
Still have questions?
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