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In the United States in the 1920’s, speakeasies were bars run in secret during Prohibition. In many cases, speakeasies were the only establishments that were fully integrated where people could gather socially.

In the 21st century with social media, we often share many aspects of our lives publicly, but our personal finances still remain private. The Money Speakeasy is your social outlet to talk about taboo financial topics many of us have questions about, like budgeting, debt, savings, credit, housing, and insurance.

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Live financially free.

About Wilson Muscadin

Husband, Father, Financial Coach, Accredited Financial Counselor® & Speaker.

Even with a Business undergraduate degree and an MBA from one of the top programs in the world, Wilson’s most valuable money lessons came from his father. As a child, his father had him write book summaries for allowance, of which many covered personal finance. While that served as the foundation for his personal finance education, it wasn’t until college that he began to realize his experience was unique. He began to observe his classmates’ behavior with their finances and realized most people never learned or discussed how to manage money.

Nearly twenty years in the financial services industry working with global insurance and asset management firms such as Chubb Insurance and Fidelity Investments have confirmed the financial education gap to be even wider than his early experiences in college, particularly with millennials.

The major challenge is that many of our most important financial decisions are made before age 35, when people have the least amount of financial education and support. Wilson is passionate about righting that wrong through education, writing and coaching, because he believes that when people have a sound financial foundation, they are much more likely and able to pursue their passions wholeheartedly.

Wilson is a Chicago native currently living in the Washington, D.C. metro area with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Illinois Wesleyan University and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Duke University, Fuqua School of Business. He has volunteered with organizations such as Junior Achievement, Operation HOPE, Capital Good Fund, and the SIFMA Foundation to speak and teach financial literacy across the country.

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What clients say about our services.

Wilson helped introduce me to a whole new financial mindset. That is when I decided I did not want to be the average American. I did not want to live from paycheck to paycheck with student, consumer, mortgage and car loans only to feel trapped by the monthly payments. Wilson lead by example and it was his guidance that helped catapult my progress. I am now debt free and on my way to financial freedom.
Rhodee G.
Rhodee G.
The course really helped put my finances, and what I need to do maximize them, in perspective for me. During the program, I was in the midst of purchasing my first home. The knowledge that I gained through the sessions helped me feel more confident that I would be able to manage my finances and create a plan so that I would not feel “cash-poor”.
Jillian G.
Jillian G.
I am more empowered and I am not a slave to money. I can make changes that will alter the way I chose to live and my overall financial outlook. It was a wonderful and clear cut insight to my poor money management habits and how poorly educated I was personally to how it all works.
With some advice from Wilson, my wife and I decided to be open and honest with each other about our spending. Wilson helped influence us to come up with a plan to pay off all of our credit cards, while having emergency funds available if needed. We’re in the midst of this plan now, and we’re on track to a lot more financial freedom!
John E.
John E.

The Mission of the Money Speakeasy


We make finances easy to speak about so you can then conquer your personal finances so you can ultimately live financially free.


Money is taboo. We are here to break the taboo of money, answer the questions that are afraid to be asked because “we are supposed to know”. We empower you, so regardless of your income you can break out of the rat race and live financially free.


Regardless of income, you can get out of debt, and you can move from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat of your finances.


Financial freedom is important because Social Security, Medicare is not guaranteed for anyone under 50. When it comes to money, it’s time to move away from being dependent on others to be able to rely on yourself.


The Money Speakeasy is the community where people can finally talk about money where there is no judgment, no embarrassment and no stupid questions.


Did you know?
The Average 401k is $100k but the median is about $25k. I know this first hand. Imagine being in your late 40s and 50s and only have 25k in your retirement. AND then taking money out of it for emergencies?
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