House Rules


  1. Judgement Free Zone – This is a community designed to discuss ways to reach our financial goals. Personal finance is personal, but we can still learn from each other. We all have different incomes, expenses, values, and goals, and what works for some may not work for others. Passion and opinions are good, but many people are on different points of their journey, respect that. Trolls are not welcome in The Money Speakeasy!

  2. Avoid Profanities – Just because you’re behind a computer or a smartphone, doesn’t mean your leave your manners at home. Respectful language never goes out of style. Speak easy folks!

  3. Thou Shalt Pay Thyself First – Saving is a central principle of this community. With the vast expansion of credit since the 1970s, saving has become an afterthought. We need to bring saving back in style! Support your community members in developing strong savings habits. Spending isn’t evil, but we need to be aware that when we borrow or overspend, we make others wealthy at our own expense.

  4. Seek Financial Independence – The ultimate goal for most young professionals is financial independence, which means we have saved enough and/or created passive income to cover our monthly essential expenses. This gives you the freedom to work (or not work) how, when, where, and for whom you want. (We’ll drink to that!)

  5. Reject Financial Indebtedness – The opposite of Financial Independence is Financial Indebtedness. Money borrowed in the past steals from our financial future. Indebtedness creates dependence and restricts choice and flexibility.

  6. Embrace Financial Literacy – It is unfortunate that basic financial principles are not a foundational topic in schools, but we are responsible for our own learning. Knowledge of saving, maintaining a budget, building an emergency fund, purchasing adequate insurance, and investing your savings is not optional, it is mandatory.

  7. Spread the Word – Talking about our finances should not be taboo. If you can trust someone with details of your sex life, you should be able to trust them with your financial goals. Opening up the conversation can help remove some of the shame and stigmas around money and help create accountability towards our goals. Spread the word about The Money Speakeasy, as long as they follow rules above, they are welcome!