Welcome to The Money Speakeasy!

In the United States in the 1920’s, speakeasies were bars run in secret during Prohibition. In many cases, speakeasies were the only establishments that were fully integrated where people could gather socially. In the 21st century with social media, we often share many aspects of our lives publicly, but our personal finances still remain private. The Money Speakeasy is your social outlet to talk about taboo financial topics many of us have questions about, like budgeting, debt, savings, credit, housing, and insurance.

Imagine your closest friend at work. You may have shared meals together in your homes, you know their significant others and maybe even family members. You’ve even likely shared intimate details about your lives. Having said that, we’ll take a wild guess and say it’s likely that you do not know their salary, level of debt, or how much they are saving in their retirement plan. Let’s be honest, you know more about your coworker’s sex life than you do their personal finances!

This is what we mean when we say money topics are still taboo.  We’re committed to creating a judgment-free zone where you can ask anything from the most basic questions up to advanced topics. We don’t care how much money you make or how much debt you owe; we care about what you do with what you have!

We’ll serve up some drinks (articles) as conversation starters to give you some liquid courage, but it’s up to you to engage and get the answers you’re looking for. Some of our drinks will be tasty and sweet, but others will be bitter and tough to swallow.

The Money Speakeasy is a community that desires to learn and master our financial habits in the pursuit of financial independence.

Peruse the site and have a drink of your choice and suggest other topics to serve up in the future.